EXTRA Europe Mission:

Our mission is to develop a strong relation between the Sicilian high-quality-food (Novoalta) and the emerging markets, in order to create a new food channel for the importers in that area, Novoalta offices as well!
As development cannot commence without cooperation with the arab Emirates importers, it’s suggested that a double meeting be established for Day 2 of Mr Ferraro visit with the Novoalta local head officer and the selected importers. Curiosity by new food in town and importers economic development, along with the Novoalta mission, might be leveraged in Dubai (all the Emirates) by the Novoalta Mission meetings designed by an international team to ensure success.
We are preparing the market of tomorrow,
pleas join us!


  • Se sei un produttore interessato al nostro programma Extra Europa scarica la presentazione/if you are a producer please take a look at the pdf presentation about Extra Europe mission


  • if you are an importer please take a look at the different invitation pdf about Extra Europe mission in your area

Esclusività per differenti territori

  • scarica il DOC per pianificare l'esclusiva a seconda dei mercati di riferimento

Chiamateci per chiarimenti:

  • per domande specifiche o chiarimenti chiamateci su skype, prima fissate un appuntamento via mail