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Cheese-kit, Coldiretti: fermare questo inganno
martedì, 5 novembre, 2013
Le confezioni di “cheese kit” acquistate da Coldiretti permettono di ottenere una “mozzarella” in trenta minuti. L’ultima notizia relativa alla scoperta, da parte dei Nac, di kit per la produzione di falso formaggio made in Italy desta l’attenzione e l’allarme di Coldiretti, che commenta: “La vendita in tutto il mondo di kit miracolosi che promettono di falsificare i più prestigiosi formaggi italiani è un inganno intollerabile e uno scandaloso scempio che deve essere fermato al più presto per il danno economico e soprattutto di immagine che mette a rischio la credibilità conquistata di prodotti divenuti simbolo del Made in Italy di qualità, grazie al lavoro di intere generazioni di allevatori e casari impegnati a rispettare rigorosi disciplinari”. (altro…)

Mikele Article


Mikele Ferraro NovaltaHi Mikele, you are a serial entrepreneur. Can you describe who are you and what does it mean to be a serial entrepreneur on global scale? Have you got some useful tips for young startuppers?
Serial entrepreneur means that I own more than one company and commercial entity in the world, generally speaking. Well I have many tips for young people who wish to open a company in this very period, most important learn to cook for yourself and the others. No way you will have success in business if you are not aware about altruism and benefit sharing.

We would like to know more about NOVOALTA. Could you tell us what is NOVOALTA?
NOVOALTA is a new company based in South America and now in Europe. It works through an innovative concept of Import-Export setting. We sell more than 380 Sicilian super food products, all fresh, no chemicals addition and most important made by traditional techniques, from Sicilian farmers.

Why after Bogotà and Salvador de Baja you have chosen to start a NOVOALTA’s new branch here in Berlin?
Because Northern Europe is a market as well as the others and needs to be approached. There’s already a good commercial implant in Europe, but it can be addressed by different directions, more innovative and in sync with the ongoing transformation of the Northern Europeans, more and more interested in discovering the wellness secret of Southern European people.

Talking about EduFoodGroup, you say:” we can make something good for Northern European people”. Could you elaborate this concept?
I think NE people are in the middle of an evolution process. Some of them are realizing that working is just part of the life and not the centre as they think now, this allow them to be less stressed than normal Calvinism life setting has required, in fact.
They see the possibility how to live a better life, if they set priorities by different angle and start to enjoy the basic of life (food), like Southern Italian culture, for instance. The new food concept will help them to climb up into different life mindset and finally live an alkaline life, like every human deserve.

Mens sana in corpore sano even in the business world. Do you agree with the idea?
Sure that’s my philosophy! You can’t lead a group if you are sick or depressed or simply not healthy working out every day and eat super good.

Back to NOVOALTA. Are there any open job positions?
We are actually looking for collaborators around Northern Europe! If someone wants to apply they are welcome!

Novoalta Edu-Aperitive in Berlin

Have a taste wonderful Sicilian specialities and learn how to be alkaline by changing your food and life habits. / Probier den Geschmach wunderbarere sizilianischer Spezialitäten und lerne dich alkalisch zu ernähren indem du deine Lebens- und Ernährungsgewohnheiten veränderst.

NovoAlta_Presentation_Strategy .043Sales: Novoalta manages a large network of food producers in Sicily/South Italy, using a vast variety of Super High-Quality food.
Educational: We do also invest our time and efforts at our Educational Food School we have in Berlin at the moment, and soon in London and San Francisco.


Mikele Ferraro International Mediator, Living Bridges Maker and Enterprises creator
Eduardo Pastorella Sales Manager Colombia and South America
Nicolo’ Sparacino Sales Manager Germnay and North Europe

Next Branch opening soon:

we are looking for partners and agents in those areas:

  • BRASIL  open 
  • COLOMBIA open
  • HONGKONG  on the way
  • GERMANY   open