Cristian Panunzi Italian Chef

Working place


Guida MICHELIN 2015
Neustädtische Kirchstr. 6 10117 Berlin


Fuggerstraße 27
10777 Berlin

Cristian resume:
He did start to cook at age of 16 in the so famous Riviera Adriatica restaurants, during summer time.
In Rimini he lived three years where he took a certification in the "chef school". A specialized Cook school in Rome was the second important goal in Cristian's life to advance level and capacity about cooking skills.
Cristian moved to Berlin working for very important restaurants like ESSENZA and IL PUNTO.
At IL PUNTO he meets the Italian Embassy chef with whom he collaborate for special events event nowadays.
Actually is working at TRATTORIA a Muntagnola where he presents the traditional Lucania's kitchen.

Cristian’s kitchen

Cristian’s team

Country/Location to go:

  • India
  • Brazil
  • Oman
  • Dubai

Cristian Panunzi contract engage”

  • Cristian needs 1 year contract
  • Residence to stay
  • Minimum salary 2500/3000 US$

Cristian daily routine and cooking session!

Cristian Cooking certificate Rimini, Italy