Novoalta and high quality Ice-cream

Novoalta married Amunì Ice-cream concept. Amunì Ice-cream shop, offer you the possibility to sell high quality products from Sicily.We share with you our knowledge and skills in order to present a very good supply to your clients in your country. People will enjoy Mediterranean super tasty ice-cream traditional made.

CUSTOM design:
Amuni shop costs as much as you wish to spend upon it. We designed a valid model that allow you to decide how invest your own money and time. Ask to Novoalta expert a preview cost based on your necessity, space and location. We will tell you how much you will need to consider for opening your first Gelateria.

Novoalta and Gelateria Amunì

You can easily set up a gelateria Amunì wherever you are, please contact us and we will share with you all detail!

General Information and numbers:

Download the press and ask for password cose to download the Price list!

Fresh/Organic Sicilian products

Our production is certificated and well checked!
We guarantee you the best quality.


Novoalta and Amunì Gelaterie