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Caffe LOre (about)

LORE is a brand of DAKRI Group producing and selling coffee, barley and tea. DAKRI is a roasting company founded by workers with a long and established experience in the Horeca sector. With its brand “CAFFE' LORE“ DAKRI has been a leading player on the Sicilian market for over 30 years. Our company’s philosophy is very clear: we aim to create a product with higher features, originating from the use of the greatest coffee beans around the world and a thorough blending process.

The secret of a good blend is the essential selection of the finest coffee lots, starting from the constant and highly accurate quality control of raw material.
With its strong ideology, which combines the passion for craftsmanship with advanced technology, the company is able to maintain a high quality standard in every stage of coffee processing: from the selection of different blends to all roasting stages.

Every sip has its own TIME

"we are focus on quality" Arabica and Robusta, the secret for a good caffe is about to mix the raw materials.

Maintenance and cleaning

Please read our brochure in order to know the secret of super expert of caffe in maintaining the Machine clean and operational.


Coffee is a magical drink, which arouses emotions, memories and enthrals people all over the world. Its greatness lies in the love for diversity:

  • coffee is where masculine and feminine as well as different mixtures and flavours meet, each of them coming from distant places. Through the 4 pillars of experience, RESEARCH-ENCOUNTER-DISCOVERY-REUNION, coffee shares the beauty and the love for life, which is full of endless subtleties.

Caffe Lore (new Lines and Flavors)

We present new line and particular mix we have been test for new markets!

RED Blend

Dedicated to those who love strong flavours.
An intense, full-bodied, strong aroma, with extraordinary creaminess and smoothness. Scents of toasted bread, hazelnuts and spices.

Blended for energizing awakenings and a powerful restart after a consistent lunch break.
Available formats:
Capsules, Pods, Beans


Scents of chocolate, flowers and fruit. Masculine lets itself be intrigued by feminine.
A vigorous, arousing and lingering aroma, where substantial body and a hint of sweetness appeal to the sense of smell.

A blend dedicated to those who love alluring flavours. Recommended for playful mornings and for appealing to the senses on dismal afternoons.
Available formats:
Capsules, Pods, Beans


In this blend masculine and feminine chase each other.
A surprisingly balanced and vibrant aroma, where coffee strength blends with the freshness of sweet flavours. Toasted flavours, citrus and spices.

Blended for those who love new taste experiences. Recommended for spicy afternoons and for being charmed on finest evenings.
Available formats:
Capsules, Pods, Beans

GREY Blend

This blend merges the quality of masculine and feminine.
A strong, balanced yet sweet aroma. Notes of chocolate, grain and dried fruits.

Dedicated to demanding palates. Recommended for relaxing afternoons and for a regenerating moment on special evenings.
Available formats:
Capsules, Pods, Beans


This coffee contains all the experience and the passion of LoRe. Floral flavors and hints of citrus blended with notes of aromatic herbs. For unique moments. Dedicated to real coffee lovers, at any time of day and night.

Thanks to the collaboration undertaken with the Department of Agrifood Technologies (DOFATA) of the University of Catania and to the contribution given by the internal research and development laboratory, DAKRI is now able to meet the customers’ expectations with the creation of new blends. Besides ensuring an ever-increasing quality, DAKRI is also committed to respecting the environment, and in order to achieve this it has developed an integrated management system for quality, environment and safety in compliance with the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.