• Tradition: we support the local producers and their products, choosing only the ones who marry the idea of sustainability and respect of the nature following the ancient traditional methods of farming.
  • Efficiency: we offer to our customers high flexibility through innovative and sustainable solutions: small and frequent cargo shippings in order to maximize the local resources and vows maximum efficiency in term of quality and quantity
  • Educational tools: we are creating an innovative Educational Channel to transfer wellness methods to local communities by Sicilian habits and kitchen

Our point:
Due to a large and massive attack to the traditional ways to grow food in Southern Europe from the Multinational Corporation and the very dangerous consequences which those actions will bring in the whole World, we, at Novoalta, have decided to create a food catalogue which gather the most sustainable and traditional farmers in the Sicilian territory in order to fight back that attack.

We stand for real and genuine food, we stand for humanity healthy, we do not use robot to control our production or increase our benefit, our farmers do not use chemical to grow their own food easily.
All of this is possible thanks to the Family tradition, something unique, very radicated in the Sicily Island, a way to live and protect our own environment today.

Sustainability and High Quality

We think how to keep and preserve Sicily territory and our products as they are right now !
Improving methods and strategy to learn day by day how consider our environment.

changing the paradigma

delivery control system

traditional small farmer quality

clean food - no chemical addition

novoalta's certification food