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Fake Agro, Alarming

AlarmingArchivio della categoria ‘Contraffazione’ Cheese-kit, Coldiretti: fermare questo inganno martedì, 5 novembre, 2013 Le confezioni di “cheese kit” acquistate da Coldiretti permettono di ottenere una “mozzarella” in trenta minuti. L’ultima notizia relativa alla scoperta, da parte dei Nac, di kit per la produzione di falso formaggio made in Italy desta l’attenzione e l’allarme di Coldiretti, […]

Mikele Article

INTERVIEW WITH MIKELE FERRARO NOVOALTA GLOBAL GENERAL MANAGER JANUARY 2, 2014 LEAVE A COMMENT Mikele Ferraro NovaltaHi Mikele, you are a serial entrepreneur. Can you describe who are you and what does it mean to be a serial entrepreneur on global scale? Have you got some useful tips for young startuppers? Serial entrepreneur means that […]

Novoalta Edu-Aperitive in Berlin

Have a taste wonderful Sicilian specialities and learn how to be alkaline by changing your food and life habits. / Probier den Geschmach wunderbarere sizilianischer Spezialitäten und lerne dich alkalisch zu ernähren indem du deine Lebens- und Ernährungsgewohnheiten veränderst.

Sales: Novoalta manages a large network of food producers in Sicily/South Italy, using a vast variety of Super High-Quality food. Educational: We do also invest our time and efforts at our Educational Food School we have in Berlin at the moment, and soon in London and San Francisco.                 […]