We love Sicily!!!

We come from Sicily and we have been around the World traveling and creating Companies.
Our team one day came together and realized how lucky we were coming from a special place like Sicily and thought we had to do something in order to let the people around the World realize what a magic place is Sicily!
No better way to do that through food...
We then create Novoalta in South America and Northern Europe !
Enjoy our special food !

23 Cheese
21 Salami
7 Wine
2 Olive Oil
21 Honey
10 Marmalade
10 Fish
20 Beans
5 Salt
100 Sweet
150 Preserves
17 Pasta
6 Liquor
15 Bruschetta
1 Caffe

BtoB company

we are a btob company set up, therefore you won't find any catalogue available here, but if you are an importer or distributor you can ask for the digital copy by mail, or if you are a bar, restaurant, shop or an Hotel, you can ask for the dedicated brochure by mail as well or calling at +4917667105789.

New product

Red Tuna, Alalunga, Sgombro and Bottarga of Swordfish