New food shop in Berlin!!!

New Adventure in Berlin!!!


"We sell more than 360 products WorldWide, from Wine to cheese, passing tru all food categories you can find in Sicily"

Fresh food from Sicily and Mediterranean sea!

Our new products from Mediterranean sea. Novoalta exclusive distributor for Emirates Northern Europe and India. Ask for more information

Shrimp and Red prawn

"top quality from mediterranean sea area"

We guarantee our top quality production 100%

Our new idea pushing all the doubts out the window, we dispaly 24h-video control about Novoalta's producers work in Sicily to our clients around the World. Our Producers agreed to webcam their own production 24h a day. By this agreement we step forward in providing top security quality to the final client, we even go further the EU certification protocol showing you how we grow food and what we use to do so. It's very easy to understand that not all producers could do so, one needs to have 100% confidence about his own production line, strong and clean enough to be proud to show it at the clients and consumers.

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our news and event

Oelificio Palermo from Ribera Sicily:

  • Take a look at our video we have shoot in Sicily about our Olive Oil.

Novoalta Philosophy

Take a look at this marvellous video about Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2013: Vandana Shiva - Growth = Poverty, Novoalta stands for Shiva's Vision!

Novoalta Client

Friend's and Society Berlin Shop. Our super designer Greg, owner of FS shop in Berlin set the splendid vetrina for us!

Novoalta new Olive Oil Label

Novoalta new Olive Oil label

Catalogue CS2 presentation in Palermo/Sicily

Take a look at our meeting in Palermo about the presentation of the second Novoalta Catalogue (CS2), it's ready to fly around the World.

  • Se sei un produttore siciliano per favore scarica qui la presentazione in pdf e contattaci se vuoi partecipare al nostro programma VV per Extra Europa.

Novoalta Sicilia

Our food selection recently in Sicily, Mazzara del Vallo

Berlin Novoalta -Edufoodgroup event

Take a look at our Berlin food event, Food Science meets young people...!

Novoalta Philosophy

Our policy and goal

Pestana Hotel Event

Top class Chef team


our story and people behind the companies

Mikele Ferraro
Serial Global Entrepreneur
Nicolo' Saparacino

Visionary Entrepreneur

From new mindset and visionary entrepreneur Mikele Ferraro, born Novoalta, initially in Colombia and then in Germany.
He met two extraordinary entrepreneurs Nicolo Sparacino and Eduardo Pastorella, together they created two operative branch around the World.

Take a look at this amazing post:

Families Around The World Show What They Eat In a Week…

Our Fair Banner around the World:

Nicolo Sparacino in Norimberga Fair